The Sensory Team Handbook

Book: The Sensory Team Handbook: A hands-on tool to help young people make sense of their senses and take charge of their sensory processing By Nancy Mucklow The Sensory Team Handbook is the first book on sensory processing written for pre-teens and young teens. Upbeat, humorous, and hands-on, each chapter is stuffed with comics, cartoons, diagrams,…

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Vertical Writing Builds Core Muscles


“In these days of screen time and couch potatoes, it’s important to keep other options available, especially for sensory children. Vertical writing and drawing will give them a good option for working several muscles, including their writing and core muscles. Plus, it works their mind in a creative way as well.” – Laura from Windy Hill Homeschool CLICK…

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18 Get-Off-the-Couch Games


For kids who need proprioceptive input, parents can easily run out of ideas for channeling that energy in a positive manner. How about some fresh ideas of what to do with the kids? 18 Get-Off-the-Couch Games For more active ideas, try these gross motor toys and tools!

What You Missed in June on The Sensory Spectrum


With the closing of June 2015, I want to extend a very warm welcome to The Sensory Spectrum’s newest followers. I’m glad you’ve joined our sensory community. And I’m so grateful to my dedicated followers. I love reading your comments and emailing back and forth. Your feedback makes me want to find even more inspiring and insightful…

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Soda Pop Head


Book: Soda Pop Head His real name is Lester, but everyone calls him Soda Pop Head. Most of the time he is pretty happy, but when things seem to be unfair his ears gets hot, his face turns red and he blows his top! Lesters dad comes to his rescue by teaching him a few techniques…

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