10 Ways to Use Weighted Sensory Stuffed Animals


“With weighted sensory items, the extra weight gives input to the body for kids who have an under-responsive system, helping wake up the system as well give a physical outlet for extra energy. We use heavy work to help our kiddo calm down and focus both at home and at school. For example, at school he often…

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How to Help Your Sensitive Child Deal with Fireworks


“If you have a sensitive child, firework season can be a stressful time, especially if they have auditory sensitivities. [Golden Reflections Blog is] bringing you 6 great tips from moms who have children with sensitivities and how they deal with fireworks each year!” – Golden Reflections Blog CLICK HERE: 6 Tips for Dealing with Sensitive…

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The Original Big Wheel (Gross Motor Toys)

The Original Big Wheel - Awesome Gross Motor Toy

The Original Big Wheel Well before my kiddo was interested in a bike, he wanted to jump onto a Big Wheel. I remember riding up and down our long driveway as a kid for hours! Now I watch my boys ride them up and down our sidewalks. Even as they get older, the Big Wheel…

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ASD Brains React Differently to Sensory Stimuli, Study Says


Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, a team of UCLA researchers has shown for the first time that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who are overly sensitive to sensory stimuli have brains that react differently than those with the disorder who don’t respond so severely to noises, visual stimulation and physical contact. The findings could…

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5 Easy Sensory Baby Activities


“Sensory exploration is important at all stages of development and there is no reason that can’t include infants. It is true that most infants will put things straight in their mouth. Guess what they are doing? Sensory exploration!” – Erin, Chronically Sick Manic Mother CLICK HERE: 5 Easy Sensory Baby Activities