Sensory Play: Mud Playdate!


As a child, I remember making mud pies in the backyard. What is it about mud sensory play and getting up to your elbows in messy fun? But this mud playdate takes it to a whole new level! CLICK HERE: Sensory Play: Mud Playdate! Want additional sensory play ideas? Try these affiliate links:  

What You Missed in July on The Sensory Spectrum


With the closing of July 2015, I want to extend a very warm welcome to The Sensory Spectrum’s newestfollowers. I’m glad you’ve joined our sensory community. And I’m so grateful to my dedicated followers. I love reading your comments and emailing back and forth. Your feedback makes me want to find even more inspiring and insightful posts….

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New to SPD: Lost and Confused

Since My Son's Diagnosis with SPD, things have become a lot clearer to me.

Do you remember how you initially felt when you found out your kiddo had Sensory Processing Disorder? Did you feel relieved you finally knew what was going on? Did you feel sad that your child would have to figure his way in the world with this challenge? Did you feel overwhelmed or revved up to…

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