Tips for Homeschooling Special Needs Students

Tips for Homeschooling Special Needs Kids | The Sensory Spectrum

Do you have a child who is autistic, learning disabled or has other special needs? Think you can’t homeschool? Join several iHomeschool Network bloggers to hear their valuable tips and resources for homeschooling families and parents of children with special needs. Tips for Homeschooling Special Needs Students:

Fall Allergies Can Trigger Sensory Issues


With the pick-up of seasonal allergies, are you noticing your child seems more sensitive than usual? We often talk about sensory triggers for our children; however, I rarely hear parents talk about how allergies come into play. Even mild seasonal allergies can be enough to trigger sensory reactions in kids. As a life-long allergy sufferer,…

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Outdoor Finger Painting – Tactile Fun!


Looking for a fun tactile sensory activity for your kiddo while the weather is still great? Outdoor finger painting is SO much more than just making a pretty picture. This activity is a full-on sensory experience that gets kids using their bodies, imagination and senses. CLICK HERE: Outdoor Finger Painting (tactile sensory activity) 

Sensory Processing Disorder: Vestibular Dysfunction


Forget what you learned in elementary school. We actually have seven senses, which include the proprioceptive and vestibular systems. But one at a time! This article offers a good intro into just what vestibular dysfunction is and offers some high-level ideas of where to start. CLICK HERE: Sensory Processing Disorder: Vestibular Dysfunction Photo Credit

Gymnic Rody Horse (Gross Motor Toys)


Gymnic Rody Horse My oldest received this horse as a gift when he was a toddler… and it instantly became a favorite in our house! And to our surprise, it somehow survived all of his jumping and was passed on to our second kiddo. For 30 years the Rody horse has promoted balance and coordination…

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